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October 20, 2010

More power to the state

by Terence Kealey

The impact of Browne is less independence for universities

Lord Browne's report must worry every reader of Research Fortnight. The part that explains why students must now contribute significantly to the costs of their education is unexceptional and was indeed widely anticipated.
That part of the report has embraced many excellent principles. Government-backed money should follow the student rather than be distributed to universities as block grants; state-funded universities may, within certain upper limits, charge the fees the market will bear; and no student should have to pay fees upfront but will be required to repay loans made on realistic but nonetheless modest interest rates.

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Terence Kealey

Terence Kealey

Dr Terence Kealey is the Vice Chancellor and Clinical Bio-Chemist at the University of Buckingham.