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December 18, 2014

REF 2014: Results and preliminary analysis

The map of British research is being redrawn.

Money is sliding rapidly towards elite institutions in the south east of England - and away from almost everywhere else. Although Oxford and Cambridge have done well, the biggest winner is the third apex of the Golden Triangle: four top institutions in London.

On this page you will find Research Fortnight's initial coverage of the REF results as well as our detailed league tables.

Subscribers to www.researchprofessional.com have access to rolling news and analysis plus a downloadable spreadsheet where they can perform their own calculations


REF supplement to the print edition of Research Fortnight

Here is the full PDF of our 20-page print supplement, with headline results as well as initial analysis and opinion: supplement.


League table

And here is Research Fortnight's main league table in full, with institutions ranked by RF's Power Ratings: League table, part 1; League table, part 2.


Unit of assessment tables

Here are our tables for the 36 different units of assessment.


Panel A

Unit 1: Clinical Medicine (Table)

Unit 2: Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care (Table)

Unit 3: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy (Table)

Unit 4: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience (Table)

Unit 5: Biological Sciences (Table)

Unit 6: Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science (Table)


Panel B

Unit 7: Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences (Table)

Unit 8: Chemistry (Table)

Unit 9: Physics (Table)

Unit 10: Mathematical Sciences (Table)

Unit 11: Computer Science and Informatics (Table)

Unit 12: Aeronautical, Mechanical, Chemical and Manufacturing Engineering (Table)

Unit 13: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials (Table)

Unit 14: Civil and Construction Engineering (Table)

Unit 15: General Engineering (Table)


Panel C

Unit 16: Architecture, Built Environment and Planning (Table)

Unit 17: Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology (Table)

Unit 18: Economics and Econometrics (Table)

Unit 19: Business and Management Studies (Table)

Unit 20: Law (Table)

Unit 21: Politics and International Studies (Table)

Unit 22: Social Work and Social Policy (Table)

Unit 23: Sociology (Table)

Unit 24: Anthropology and Development Studies (Table)

Unit 25: Education (Table)

Unit 26: Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism (Table)


Panel D

Unit 27: Area Studies (Table)

Unit 28: Modern Languages and Linguistics (Table)

Unit 29: English Language and Literature (Table)

Unit 30: History (Table)

Unit 31: Classics (Table)

Unit 32: Philosophy (Table)

Unit 33: Theology and Religious Studies (Table)

Unit 34: Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory (Table)

Unit 35: Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts (Table)

Unit 36: Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management (Table)


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Dear readers,

The 2014 institutional league tables are available in the supplement, as listed above: http://exquisitelife.researchresearch.com/files/rf4470.pdf

The league table link in the post goes to the tables from 2008, which will be corrected soon.

Adam Smith
Research Fortnight

The league tables are now for 2014.

Your 'Research Power' ratings are little more than a list of the largest departments - size more than compensates for quality. Look at Oxford in Modern Languages - what should clearly be seen as a weak showing and a bad miscalculation is completely invisible in the 'power' ranking. High performing smaller units are chucked down into mid-table anonymity. This really makes me angry, as such tables serve only one purpose - to reaffirm the status quo and help the richest institutions stay that way, even when they are underperforming.

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