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September 27, 2011

Ed Miliband's other policy for universities

In his speech today, Ed Miliband told the Labour Party Conference:

"Three thousand of our brightest young people, at state schools, get the grades to go to our most competitive universities.

But they never go.

That can't be right."

Oxford, Cambridge and co and their admissions policies are still in Labour's crosshairs.


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Well presumably that is three thousand who don't go, in addition to the ones who do go. In order for them to go, you would have to displace some of those that do. And then they would be ones that don't. They can't all go...

And is that three thousand who apply but don't get in? Or three thousand who decide not to apply because they don't want to go? Or three thousand whose teachers advise them not to go (now that would be a disgrace)?

If Oxford and Cambridge didn't select the best 3500 students each that they could find, then they wouldn't be competitive or elite. Not sure Ed would want that.

Soundbite statistics... *sigh*

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