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June 28, 2011

Social mobility in the higher education white paper - an analysis

"It follows that increasing the numbers participating in HE is key to improving overall levels of social mobility in the UK, in order to ensure that everyone with the ability to succeed in HE is able to benefit from the advantages and increased opportunities that it brings."

BIS Economics Paper 14, 28 June 2011


"We have no target for the ‘right’ size of the higher education system but believe it should evolve in response to demand from students and employers, reflecting particularly the wider needs of the economy."

HE White Paper, 28 June 2011



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According to the White Paper, one of the issues is access to 'selective' universities. Their 'solution'? Take AABs 'off quota' and make the system more selective, reduce the resources going to universities that do the 'heavy lifting' for social mobility and make students pay more. In truth, they don't care. They are sanguine about universities that may be forced to close, but if they visited the towns and cities where the possible candidates for closure are based they would realise the damage that would be done to the local economy. It is not the failure of universities that would cause them to close, but the market fundamentalism of government polices. Are there no Tories and Liberal Democrats who will stand up for the Robbins' of public education?

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